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Eradicate bugs in your home with Your Pest Control Bristol specialists

Low Cost Pest Control services In Bristol


When Rodents get into your roof or your property they can create damage. Hire us to stop that now


When Fleas breed they can take months and months to be eradicated. Dont wait till its too late get your carpets treated now


These nasty critters can create holes everywhere and damage your soil. Get rid of them now


Some spiders can cause bites that leave scars. Protect your little ones by pest control treating your home.

Bed Bugs

They can be a nuisance, If you have a problem then contact our pest control Bristol specialists


Flies vomit on your food. Dont get food poisoning make sure you treat your home with a pest control specialist to minimize this problem

Why Choose US

Why not get your pest control done by honest and reliable services.We pride outselves on fast and reliable services that deliver the latest technology with your home in mind. Make sure that your home is free of all bugs and rodents with Omega Pest control. Your best priced pest technicians to help eradicate all problems you have

We service all areas areound Bristol. If you feel that your area may be out of our service location then dont hesitate to call us. We willk travel as far as possible to help you with all your pest issues if demand arises. No job or problem is too big for us as we run with the best and most reliable products

Our happy Bristol Pest Control Clients

We had a terrible rat problem in our garden and the guys who specialist in Bristol pest control jobs came round and truly eradicated everything within 6 weeks.

Shawn Mattews, 35

Project Manager

I am used to seeing nice homes but when we started getting mice inside our own home we really needed someone to clean it up. These guys really did a great job.

Rosie Hanson, 24

Real Estate Associate

We were getting a lot of moles in our garden and they were creating huge holes everywhere that we started to get rats burrowing in there too. We needed someone who could really be serious about our problem and it was nothing to them Great work.

Brett Graham, 28


About Us

Complete Pest control services in Bristol

  • We are a small business delivering professional pest control Bristol services
  • Our services are convenient for residential or commercial properties
  • We use eco-friendly products that actually work, protect and maintain your home better than the traditional methods

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